Sunday, May 3, 2009

The aim of the Stanley Park Environmental Art Projects is to create environmental art that values the nature of the park. These projects are not meant to be permanent. In fact, the intention is for each created art piece to interact with the elements, eventaully returning to the park's ecosystem. The natural material used for COZY are limbs that were ripped from the trees during the storm. The artist had the limbs sliced into 'cookies' that when sewn together, become the fabric of the COZY. Participants were asked to consider their relationship with nature and represent that by 'burning' an image or text into the wooden cookie. They worked with burning tools in order to accomplish this. As the workshops generate the 100's of cookies the artist is stitching them together with hemp. Once installed, the elements will work their magic, including the small rodents who will intermingle and particiapted in the disintegration of the art work which will eventually, feed the ecosystem.

A mock up of COZY once installed.

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