Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canada Day Chalk Mural: Mapping Canada

Mapping Canada
On July 1, communities across the country host organized celebrations for Canada’s Birthday that include; parades, carnivals, festivals, barbecues,fireworks and free musical concerts, just to name a few. The annual Canada day at Sunset Community Centre event brings together hundreds of Sunset community members of South Vancouver, to celebrate together through games, food and fun. This year, we engaged community members in creating an intergeneration collaborative art piece called: Mapping Canada.

Mapping Canada had local artist, Shary Bartlett lead and guide community participants in creating a super-sized chalk mural on the paved parking lot of the Sunset Community Centre. This mural was based on the map of Canada, the provincial flags, flowers and animals. Participants worked from images and resources to fill in the map as well as symbolic representation of their personal experiences in BC and trips across Canada. As with all Community Cultural Development projects, the goal was to deepen connections with each other by recognizing community members through a collective contribution in a shared art-making process.

Thanks for the generous support from:
Neighbourhood Small Grants, Artist Enhancement Project
By-Low Foods, Fraser Street
De Serres Art Supplies