Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creative ReMix Margaret Naylor

Working with the theme of nature Artist, Margaret Naylor introduced the children to printmaking techniques. They began with a visit to Van Dusen gardens with the intent of looking at diverse shapes, sizes and colors of leaves. Inspired from this visit and the resources the artist provided, they created imagery first by drawing, then cutting, creating a printing block which enabled them to ‘pull a print’. Finally, they embellished their work with collage and descriptive words. They were introduced to block printing, Styrofoam line printing and lino cuts.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative ReMix: Desiree Dunbar

Contemporary Dancer, Desiree Dunbar brought creative movement into the mix, this week. She introduced the participants to dance in ways that you may not consider such as utilizing chairs as props for creating a choreographed piece. Over the course of 5 days they created a dance piece that will be performed at the community celebration culminating the final day of Creative ReMix.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative ReMix with Elizabeth MacKenzie

The installation of the portraits onto the walls at MACC.

Creating Creatures was a collective drawing process that had participants begin by drawing a single line with the inkwash. After these dried, they each chose one of the line drawings which they did not create and embellished it further with permanent fine markers resulting in a creature. Each drawing circulated amongst a number of participants having each add to the creation of the final piece.

Artist, Elizabeth Mackenzie provided a brush and ink workshop introducing camp participants to a number of techniques. These strategies encouraged exploration of indelible ink on rice paper, newsprint and cardstock. She focused the workshop on the subject of line, circles, faces and creatures. This artist is very interested in how participants become engaged in the process of making and creating often resulting in a large accumulation of work produced in her workshop/classes. The accumulation of the faces were installed onto the walls at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, animating the space in a whimsical manner.

Creative ReMix with Koyali Burman

Koyali Burman visited Creative Remix offering a workshop in Kathak, a classical Indian Dance. This dance form traces its origins to the the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathaks, or story tellers. These young people learnt how to use hand movement, facial gestures and footwork to create narratives.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Creative ReMix with Madame BeeSpeaker

Madame BeeSpeaker led the children in an ecological discusion culminating in the creation of a large spiral under the elm tree in Moberly Park. Madame BeeSpeaker is interested in drawing the children's attention to beauty and the rediscovery of the immediate natural beauty found in the urban environment that we often take for granted.

Working with natural materials with a focus on pattern, color, and texture captured these young peoples imagination and enthusiasim. Their engagment with the process allowed them the opportunity to create, all of which Madame BeeSpeaker capture through photography.

Creative ReMix with Madame BeeSpeaker

Artist, Madame BeeSpeaker (Lori Weidenhammaer) visited Creative ReMix and led the children an ephemeral art workshop. She introdued the children to the concept of making art with natural materials from nature. Madame BeeSpeaker began by choswing the children the beautiful color palatte of the natural materials they would be working with. She brought in a diverse variety of flower petals, multiple shaped leaves and curious seed pods where the children worked with color, texture and pattern to create these aesthetic images. Here you can see the young peoples' sensitive use of the delicate colors of the materials.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Creative ReMix with Anastasia Hendry

Creative ReMix is a month long fine arts camp hosted by MACC in partnership with South Asian Family Associaton. Over the course of 4 weeks professional artists have provided stimulating and engaging arts-based workshops for 7-12 year olds.

Yuklaana (Anastasia Hendry) was our first visiting artist who led and shared a First Nations cultural practice of making Button Blankets and Deer Skin Pouches. Anastasia guided these 7-12 year olds on a two day process whereby they became more familiar with traditions of the Haida through the making of these button blankets, the stories she told and the objects she shared with them.
Young people were engaged in a detailed process that included learning how traditional shapes are utilized in First Nations culture to generate animal images, to cutting and sewing felt fabric and adorning with buttons.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Creative Remix with Anastasia Hendry

The children learnt about First Nations games by playing them together. Anastasia pointed out how the game TROUBLE was fashioned after a First Nations stone circle game.

They worked alongside the artist to create deer skin pouches, decorating them with colour beads, reminicent of a cultural trading practice many years ago.