Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In My Hands- MACC Girls Club- led by artist Jasna Guy

Indispensable as tools, our hands quite literally speak volumes. We talk and gesture with our hands, adding passion and conviction to the messages we wish to communicate and the stories we want to tell. We borrow gestures from our cultures, from the people we encounter, from our friends, from our family members, from people we see in the media. We adapt the gestures to suit our special way of being and relating to people. The gestures become part of our bodily repertoire, perhaps as characteristic of our personality as the tone of our voice or the way we smile.
Approaching the hands from these perspectives, the girls of the MACC Girls’ Club were asked to think about a hand gesture that was characteristic or significant to them, in other words, to consider a hand gesture as a portrait that says something about themselves right now.

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