Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something Collective- Green Graffiti

Resident artists Something Collective are working on a year long project called We Are Here in the Sunset community.  We are Here aims to 'map' the neighbourhood through sound, dance, and images. Collective member Juliana Bedoya completed the green graffiti component at Sunset community centre where she engaged a group of youth from a summer camp and a group of adult learners from the South Hill Learning Centre to create these art pieces.  Members of the community are invited to 'steward' the graffiti by spraying the moss on a regular basis. Once programs begin in the fall, the out of school care program and the preschool will be care taking of the art work on a  regular basis.  To find out more about the process please go here: Something Collective

Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking forward to Creative Remix4!

Creative Remix3 was a huge success! Thanks to Kim and Malcolm and all those wonderful volunteers.  Here is a sneak peek as to the fun, creative energy and quirky programming we get up to- please join us in 2013!

Cake Tease visits Creative Remix3

We were delighted to have Teresa from Cake Tease provide us a decorating cupcake workshop in celebration of Creative ReMix3.  She taught us about how to use fondant, candies to create characters and how sketching ideas holds a role in cake decorating to!